Park View City Islamabad


Park View City is the developed housing scheme which is located in the center of Islamabad. It lies near a 5-star hotel known as Serena hotel Islamabad. Park View City is a Legal society approved by CDA Islamabad which aims to provide extravagant amenities and serenity.

Park View City is a brand new and developed residential project that comprises of impeccable surroundings and neighborhood. It is one of the topmost housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi due to its prime locality, provision of basic and luxuries facilities.

Society is the city of its own as all of the necessary facilities which are required for a living are available for example education hub, shopping malls and marts, entertainment points and health centers. Development work has already begun and clients can acquire immediate Possession.

Park View City at the Glance

Zone:Islamabad zone IV
Location:Malot Road ((Zone 4 Sub Zone-B)
Area:1200 Kanals
Residential Plots:579
Layout Plan:Layout Plan approved on 14-02-2013 vide CDA letter No. CDA/PLW/Zone-4(94)/12/790 and NOC for development issued vide CDA letter No. CDA/PLW/Zone-4(94)/12/vol-I/168 dated 02-05-2014 have been restored on 01-06-2018 by CDA
NOC:NOC issued on 02-05-2014 and update on 01-06-2018

Park View City Owners and Developers

Park View City is among the most search for residential societies in Islamabad. Mr. Aleem Khan from Peshawar is the owner of this fascinating society. He is also the senior member of a leading political party named Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf. The development of Park View City is under the vision group.

Vision Group:

Park View City is the latest housing venture of the development team in Islamabad. Vision group was created in 2012 and only within a decade, this group has evidenced itself and turned into a reliable and trustable name in the property industry in Pakistan. The vision group has built many intriguing home societies and done other construction jobs. Park View town is the first task of Vision Group in the twin cities.

Projects of Vision Group

Goal of Vision group is to provide perfect lifestyle to its clients. Currently this development team is building various structures and performing metropolitan landscape ventures in a variety of cities of Pakistan. Some of the projects completed by Vision groups in the past years are:

  • The National School
  • Park View City in Lahore
  • Park View City in Islamabad
  • Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation
  • Park view villas at multan road-lahore
  • PARK View Corporate Center at Mall road-lahore
  • Park View Signature Apartments at Gulberg-lahore
  • PARK View Icon located at I.I.Chundrigar road-karachi

Park View City Location

The location of Park View City is magnificent and perfect for residing as this housing society is full of all modern Amenities and has eye pleasing view of lush green Margala Hills. This residential neighborhood is located on Malot Road with easy access from Kuri Road, 200ft wide street was permitted by the CDA to make way for the own mega venture.


The mauza of this Park View City Housing Society is Malot.

Park View City Neighborhood

Park View City is a housing society which is surrounded by many first class neighboring societies for example Park Enclave and Bahria Enclave located in zone 4 of CDA industry Islamabad. Nearest and the most developed society is Bahria Enclave Islamabad.

Access Point

Park View City Islamabad can be reached via

C:\Users\Hp\Desktop\buyproperty Complete Set\buyproperty Complete Set\Buy property images\Park View City\access point.jpeg

  • Direct road from Kuri road: CDA has special provided the 200 feet wide main access road
  • 2nd access point is from Jinnah Road, Bani Gala
  • Main Jinnah Avenue from the Malot Road

Park View City Map

  • Serena Hotel Islamabad is on 10 minutes’ drive from Park view city.
  • Park view city is on a 5-minute drive from Bahria Enclave and Bani Gala
  • A single 1-minute walk into the lush green botanical Garden.
  • Rawal Dam is right about the corner of the housing society.
  • It is in great proximity to Bahria Enclave, Kuri Road, Chak shahzad, Islamabad Expressway, Kashmir Highway.

C:\Users\Hp\Desktop\buyproperty Complete Set\buyproperty Complete Set\Buy property images\Park View City\Map.jpg


Park view city housing society is in Islamabad and has gain NOC and planning permission by Capital Development Authority (CDA) Islamabad.

C:\Users\Hp\Desktop\buyproperty Complete Set\buyproperty Complete Set\Buy property images\Park View City\Permission and NOc (Copy).jpg

Layout Plan approved on 14-02-2013 vide CDA letter no. CDA/PLW/Zone-4(94)/12/790 and NOC for development issued vide CDA letter No. CDA/PLW/Zone-4(94)/12/vol-I/168 dated 02-05-2014 has been restored on 01-06-2018 by CDA.

Land allotted to Park View city is 1200 Kanals area. CDA also consented to provide 200 feet direct access to Kuri Road from Park View City. Possessor of Park View City got consent from CDA around Ist-june-2018.

Given below is NOC of Park View City provided by CDA:



Project Overview

Total Area of Park View City is 1200 kanal land. There are almost 580 numbers of plots in the residential scheme of different sizes. It is divided into commercial and residential blocks. Further numbers of districts are available which are named alphabetically from A to P.

C:\Users\Hp\Desktop\buyproperty Complete Set\buyproperty Complete Set\Buy property images\Park View City\Master Plan.png

Districts and Blocks in Park View City

Owners have also launched an extension block “J” in the recent balloting event held on Park View City site as treat for society investors.

Blocks A, B, F, J and K consists of 5 Marla plots while 10 Marla plots are offered in the Blocks A, B, F, H and I. 1-kanal plots are available in Blocks B, C, E, F, N and M and Blocks D and P offer 2-kanal plots in the society.

Park View City Plot Size

Residential Plots are of sizes

  • 5 Marla Plot (26”x 50”)
  • 8 Marla Plot (30”x60”)
  • 10 Marla Plot (35”x70”)
  • 1 Kanal Plot (50”x90”)
  • 2 Kanal Plot (75”x120”)

Commercial Plot are of sizes

  • 6 Marla Plot (35”x40”)
  • 8 Marla Plot (40”x45”)

Features in Park View City

Park View City considers in supplying well-being to its own residents. It’s a gated community and also has all of the accessibilities that any person wants to raise a family from the secure and safe atmosphere. Park View City guarantees to provide every basic requirement to its occupants of any age group whether you’re an adult, a teenager or a kid.

Comfy and serene environment inside the neighborhood can easily unwind you out of daily life anxiety actions. Provision of advanced home design and modern state of the art services such as hospitals colleges, amusement, resource supply, safety is the goal of their society.

Park view City has more than features than any other housing societies such as

City gated community

• Identified Gate Entry System

City Roads

• Wide roads and dense infrastructure

• 40, 80 and 120 feet wide carpeted streets

City Transportation

• Provision of public transport

City Security

• 24 Hours CCTV Security

• E-Tag System

• CCTV Surveillance

• Facial & Object Recognition Cameras

City Entertainment

• Parks & grounds

• Adventure Club & Mini Golf Club

• Spa and saloons

• Dubai Standard “The Walk” Commercial Area

• Sports complex

• indoor and outdoor sports areas

• Safari Zoo and water pools

• Theaters and 3D I-max Cinemas

City Resource Management

• Underground Electricity Wiring

• Own electric supply and unit

• Load-shedding Free Environment

• Sewerage Treatment Plant

• Water Treatment Plant

• Gas and Telephone Connections

City Facilities

• Department Store

• Sector and Jamia Mosques

• Prime Location

• Easy Installment Plans

• Investors belonging from all classes of society

• Affordable and luxurious

• Hotels and Restaurants

• Educational Institutes hub

• Hospitals with Ambulance

• Shopping Arenas

Everyone has the right to live in his own perfect house. Adequate housing, as part of an adequate standard of living, is essential for the enjoyment of all economic, social and cultural rights. It should not be understood as limited only to a basic living but as easy and peaceful living. Instead, country should promote appropriate environments, develop policies and practices to respond to long-term housing needs for increasing population, and the regulation of the provision of housing by the private sector. That’s why many housing societies are constructed.

C:\Users\Hp\Desktop\buyproperty Complete Set\buyproperty Complete Set\Buy property images\Park View City\feature in parkview city_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg

Park View City has followed and provided housing society with all the basic and needed facilities to its residents. Some of the services which depicts that the society follows all of the regulation are as follow

Legal security of tenure .

Each person must have a level of security in their housing situation to be protected against forced or arbitrary eviction, harassment or other threats. Such protection can take various forms, such as legal property, rent or a housing cooperative.

Availability of services, materials, facilities and infrastructure .

States must ensure that homes offer the necessary facilities for health, safety, comfort and nutrition. This includes permanent access to natural and common resources, drinking water, energy for cooking, heating and lighting, sanitary and sanitation facilities, food storage, waste disposal, drainage and emergency services.

Affordability .

Housing and housing-related costs must be proportional to income levels, and at a level that does not compromise other basic needs. States should create housing subsidies for those who cannot afford one, implement protections for tenants against unreasonable rents, and ensure the availability of natural materials in societies where these resources are the main sources used for construction household.

Habitability .

Adequate housing must provide its inhabitants with sufficient space, be safe to live and provide protection against cold, heat, rain and other elements of nature and structural risks. States must pay special attention to the relationship between inadequate housing and threats to health.

Accessibility .

Everyone must have access to adequate housing, especially the most vulnerable. States must offer priority housing to disadvantaged groups, including, among others, the elderly, children, people with disabilities, the terminally ill and victims of natural disasters. States must develop appropriate housing plans to increase access to land for the homeless or impoverished sectors of society.

Location .

In many cases, both in cities and in rural areas, transportation can be expensive and time consuming. Adequate housing must be in a place that allows access to employment options, health and education services and other social services. Houses should not be built in dangerous or contaminated places. Park view city is located on ideal and prime location.

Cultural adaptation.

Housing construction materials must be connected with the expression of cultural identity and housing diversity, as appropriate to the communities within the particular context. Efforts to modernize housing must be adapted to the beliefs and needs of the inhabitants.

Public facilities in society

The Society is focusing on constructing a branch of National School in Park View City, which functions under Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation. Proper work on It is just started. A mosque is presently under construction, though a dispensary will also be installed soon, and also the preparation procedure for a hospital may also be penalized.


The society was bounded by walls and Primary Entry was constructed. Development work in pervious blocks is done now administration of the society has launch new blocks.

Contractors establish main 200-foot broad Key Boulevard, main streets and pathways within park view city. Next step was the pruning and leveling of this property, which is also done. Main road of 2-kilometer has been assembled after the consent from Capital development authority Islamabad also. It will acquire immediate access in Kurri Road.

Constructors of that glorious society are now working with full pace to finish the job before the specified time to its shareholders. Block A and B are nearly completed and been marketed. Now advancement on other blocks has started. Lights in these blocks are also installed.

The Upcoming first work in block A is supply of pure water to get drinking purposes. A water treatment plant is going to be organized soon for its occupants. Inside this treatment plant, water will filter and provided in most areas of block A and then in other blocks. These clean water reservoirs will have tendency to preserve water up to 2,50,000 gallon water for its residents

Roads and key Boulevards are already developed. Electricity, Supply of Suigas and water is accepted and available in each block. In certain residential areas, houses are already constructed by their owners. Park view city is constructing its own specified electric grid so that the housing society remain load-shedding free zone

The society has attempted its best to maintain the natural contours. The Temperature of this society is two to three levels lesser than the standard temperature of primary Islamabad. Another interesting component which makes it exceptional is that the greater prospect of rain compared to primary Islamabad. Park View City has made a lake in one of its blocks of the society and couple fountains are developed to enhance the attractiveness.

New Blocks in the society

Park view city Islamabad overseas block

Overseas community symbolizes a very significant part in the property market of our country Pakistan. In span of few previous years, buyers of real estate properties from foreigners and overseas Pakistani have more than million properties in all over the country which represents almost 6% of total property sales in the country.

Park view city is a housing society which has covered the requirements of everybody no matter it is about resident and business properties to antique flats to Park City Villas and Park View city Homes. The most recent addition to this prestigious endeavor is Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block.

The Overseas Block has recently launched in the grand housing venture and also aims to provide amenities and services which will meet all of the needs of international standard housings project. The block is especially designed by the planners together with the incorporation of the majority of innovative engineering and conveniences to offer an amazing living encounter for your overseas Pakistanis.

The need was felt to construct this specific block on the requisition of overseas Pakistani’s and foreigners that are trying to get an identity, hold and also a secure place to purchase Pakistan. This overseas block in Park View City doesn’t only offer grand houses but also an assortment of business opportunities too. The properties in this block will be of additional value and high in demand.

NOC of overseas block

Park View City Islamabad has obtained separate NOC for overseas block as all the amenities will be of international standards. Approved land is about 1200 Kanal It has already gained a valid NOC from CDA.

Location of park view city overseas block

Overseas block of Park view city is located just at the entrance of Gate 1 of the city. It is at the most prime location of the society. Overseas block is under construction near to the business hub of the society. Such ideal location not only provides elite living to its residents but also give many chances for future investments.

Park view city H block

After the huge success of pervious block, administration of park view city has launched 2 new blocks named H block and extension of J block. They are planned just like previous blocks. These two blocks have residential and commercial plots of different sizes. Sizes of plots start from 5 marla to 1 kanal.

Location of park view city H block

H block is located just on the side of overseas block. it is on the main entrance of the society.

Park view city homes

There is nothing more calm then moving back to a superbly made home. Park view city residence is a creative paradise. The calmness anyone needs to make, think and behave demands the heat of a house. In a town such as Islamabad it seems hard, who’d have sufficient time to leave the job and go get a house of dreams built. Parkview City Islamabad has come forward to present your heart an ease and head that a peace by establishing a venture with the title of “Parkview Homes”.

So, Parkview houses is building up homes of 5 marla,10 marla which is also on installments, it is a challenge to supply a property on installation nowadays however Park view is offering homes on years extended installments

Parkview city provides double story homes. The home of five Marla home has an area of 26*45 sq ft. The home of 10 Marla has a region of 35*65 sq ft. The layouts that are innovative can be found in the 5 and 10 marla homes with the selection of three or four bedrooms. The coated regions are in par with another mainstream location from Park view city.

Each of the bedrooms has attached washrooms, a slave quarter, a rooftop, beautiful yard and also a great deal of mental calmness.

The park views homes are made on the criteria approved by CDA and also have employed the excellent cement and steel that safeguards your residence. The gorgeous kitchen completing will create cooking experience directly from your favorite kitchens. The timber work is par excellence. The windows reveal that the pure splendor of Islamabad. Parkview houses are intended to provide the alteration of a luxurious villa into your dream home with respect to available sources.

Park View City Payment plan

Payment plan of residential plot in A and B Blocks


Payment plan of residential plot in B, C, D, E Blocks


Cash Payment plan of residential plot in A and B Blocks

Cash Payment plan of residential plot in H Block


  • Payment should be made through P.O/D.D/cross cheque in favor of Park view enclave (PVT) limited
  • 10%extra amount will be charged on each category plots (corner/ park facing/ main boulevard )
  • 5% Discount will be given on lump sum payment.
  • Post dated cheques against all installments will be taken in advance
  • Availability of plots will be on first come first serve basis.

Payment plan of residential plot in H Block

Payment plan of residential plot in overseas Block

C:\Users\Hp\Desktop\buyproperty Complete Set\buyproperty Complete Set\Buy property images\Park View City\OVERSEAS BLOCK PAYMENT METHOD F-01 (Copy).jpg

How to book a plot?

Booking of the above mentioned plots in park view housing society starts from 20% down payment, while the rest of payable amount is to be paid in 8 equal quarterly installments spanned over a time of 2 years.

C:\Users\Hp\Desktop\buyproperty Complete Set\buyproperty Complete Set\Buy property images\Park View City\how book plot-01.jpg

Only limited plots are left so booking is available on first come first served basis. Reserve your plot now and avail this golden opportunity and book your plot in Park view city. Just visit Sky Marketing Office (main dealer of City) along with given documents:

  • 2 copies of your national ID card
  • 2 copies of ID card of your next of Kin
  • 2 passport size photos

And for overseas clients

  • 2 copies of Overseas National ID Card
  • And the above mentioned documents

The prices offered in Overseas Block are introductory and will be available on a 3-year easy installment

A Few of the banks like Silk Bank and Bank Al-Falah are Providing home financing strategies to your investors seeking to find house loans on easy terms in Park View City since the CDA endorsement is given to the society, we’d advise you to avail this opportunity and reserve yourself a safe place within an astonishing new endeavor.

Possession of plots

Leveling and plotting of most of the blocks are already done and construction work is already started on it. In the last balloting ceremony, management has announced possessions of plots in these blocks. Builders have promised to develop society in next year, just after that possession of the remaining plots will be given to investors.

The society sellers are now offering new bookings prices for new Blocks H and Overseas for a limited time only, investors are encouraged to avail of this once in a lifetime investment opportunity and benefit from it. This housing scheme is not only suitable for investment, but also its secure residential and commercial location is an ideal place for you and your loved ones to live and work at.

Why to invest in Park View City?

Comparison of cost from other societies

If someone compares costs of park view city along with other similar towns like Capital Smart City, ICHS and University town then you are certainly going to find price of plots at the park perspective city greater than other home societies. On the other side, Park view city is a lot lower in price compared to other societies of Islamabad such as Bahria town Islamabad and DHA Islamabad. But centers and services supplied by the town is not any less than pricey home societies of Islamabad.

Faqs about Park View City

Provided are the answers of the most frequently asked questions about the Park View City Islamabad are as follows with:

What is Park View City Islamabad?

Park View City is fascinating housing scheme in Islamabad, Pakistan which promises to provide luxurious life to its residents.

What is the location of Park View City?

Park View City is located in zone IV on Malot Road near Bahria Enclave in the Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Who is developing and constructing Park View City?

Park View city Islamabad is a venture of Aleem Khan who is senior member of PTI political Party, vision group is developing and making an ideal living place by using its expertise in the construction of Park View City.

Is Park View City Islamabad Legal?

Park view City is legal and authorized housing scheme. It has secured NOC and planning permission through Capital Development Authority.

What types of plots are available in the society?

Interested clients can buy residential and commercial plots in the society.

What sizes of Plot are offered in Park View?

Society offers 5, 8, 10 Marla and 1 & 2 Kanal residential Plots and 6 & 8 Marla Commercial plots

Does the Park View City have an installment plan?

Yes, the society wanted to give ease to its clients that’s why it is offering 2 year easy installment plan.

Is there any new blocks in park view city?

Park view city has recently launched 3 new blocks for its buyers. Overseas block, H block and extension of J block.

When will be the possession of plots in Park View City given?

The possession of plots in the developed blocks of the society is granted to its investors and for the remaining blocks the possession will be granted after the balloting.

When will the transfer of plots will be grant to the clients?

You can get transfer letter of plots in just one or two days after you clear all of the dues and paid all installment.

Is there any opportunity for Overseas Pakistani’s in Park View City Islamabad?

Yes, Park view city does not forget about the overseas Pakistanis. The society offers them to invest in plots even from outside the country. Sky Marketing will help you as this organization provides is offering online services for booking of plots and guarantee legal possession to the society

How can I book my plot in Park View City?

You can easily book your plot in the society by contacting us today or visiting Sky Marketing office,

Summary of the project

Park View City is located in the heart of Islamabad, close To where the current Prime Minister of Pakistan is residing, in the area of Bani Gala. Furthermore, it is readily available to all substantial attractions in Islamabad. The owner Aleem Khan has very favorable authenticity from Lahore & his previously delivered occupations. Hence there was a huge hype of this job as it began in Islamabad.

The developers have a valid NOC from CDA, so the society is significant from a legality perspective. Chart on prices showed that cost is rising continuously since the beginning of the project.

Therefore, it clearly indicates that the interest it had among the investors & residential buyers is alike. Additionally, installment payment plans makes it an extremely excellent alternate for residing purpose and rewarding investment prospect. Only cause of concern is that price of park perspective plots are little bit high.

Being a somewhat fresh yet recognized home project where 90 percent of those interested buyers will be end customers, Park View City is Islamabad’s unique property development. Ever since it obtained a go-ahead in the CDA, there have not been many hiccups in its development phase. The developer and the representatives registered with the society has also discovered the response from overseas Pakistanis is overwhelming.

In short, it is an Excellent job with outstanding Location And also excellent developers are working with this particular project they rid all Legal formalities prior to advertisements. So if You Cannot purchase Your home in developed and expensive societies such as Bahria town Karachi, DHA Islamabad or DHA Karachi then Park view City Islamabad is best option to live because it is favorable as developed societies.

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